MAY 2-5, 2024


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a ceremonial experience at ikal tulum to strengthen our connection with mother earth and all beings through art, music, practice, and ceremony

An invitation to step into our True Nature with integrity, align visions and take concrete steps toward the story we are here to tell. Regeneration will take a front-row role as the destination we aspire to arrive at a devoted relationship with our Earth Mother for the thriving of all life.

Through rituals, dialogues, workshops, practices, and performances, this year Restaura aims to elevate voices who are paving the way to regeneration and ignite practitioners towards action. To walk together means building bridges, joining forces, singing together, and sharing the devotion, knowledge, and wisdom that keeps us aligned with our True Nature.

Join us March 16 - 19 for an immersive experience with over 50 artists, elders, teachers, and practitioners in six parallel stages.



We begin with clearing the space, asking permission to all beings and to Mother Earth to create together, and each day we focus on the impeccability of our actions, words, and thoughts.



Each day at Restaura is devoted to an intention to align us with our True Nature

We begin with clearing the space, asking permission to all beings and to Mother Earth to create together, and each day we focus on the impeccability of our actions, words, and thoughts.





We begin RestAura on Thursday, listening and recognizing those who hear us, elevating our prayers, and allowing us to learn and grow along our path.
Guided by our Mayan elders and teachers, we begin our time together by asking permission from the land and its spirit guardians. This day is a gift to our community, volunteers, and everyone who wishes to come.

Access is free.





The first day at RestAura is focused on our body and actions: our physical temple home through which we crystallize ideas, visions, and intentions. Cultivating a physical practice through asanas, bodywork, prostrations, and other forms helps us purify our bodies and eventually leads to impeccable actions.

This first full day is devoted to our bodies to make our dream a reality. In the Mayan calendar, this day is influenced by the energy of Tijax.

Tijax presents a powerful opportunity to unveil our shortcomings and see ourselves reflecting on the other. It is an auspicious day to purify our bodies and end all that is not serving us.





On this day, we explore the purification of the word as a path to impeccability. Music is the highest offering to the great mystery, our guides, and teachers. Through devotional music and collectively joining our voices, we can remember, call our true nature, unify forces to belong, and declare the power of community and collective intention.

Through dialogues and word circles, we will uplift and weave narratives that show us the right path towards regenerating our relationship with the earth and all life.

The Mayan calendar is a day to reaffirm spiritual and material authority, speak our commitments and agreements, and pray for the Wombs of the entire cosmos. Honor the Uterus that unites the community.





RestAura will end with an invitation to purify the mind and thinking. On this day, we call for peace and clarity in our minds to sharpen our intention to benefit all beings in all that we do.

The material world is an illusion our minds must overcome to find balance, clarity, wisdom, and compassion. 

The Mayan calendar is a day to ask for clarity to return to us and for the veils of the material world and mind to dissolve from our thinking and walking. An impeccable mind leads to impeccable speech, which leads to impeccable actions. Ultimately, an impeccable mind ignites our True Nature, leading us to see everyone as equal, deserving of the highest blessings.


Meet some of our beloved guides

Elders, artists, and teachers from the Mayan, Wixárika, Tibetan Buddhism, and other traditions will share their ways, wisdom, and guidance at RestAura.

Khenpo Samdup Rinpoche

Khenpo studied the philosophy of the four schools of Tibetan Buddhism under numerous khenpos, from whom he received the vast teachings of the Drikung Kagyu lineage. He is currently the Spiritual Director of various Dharma Centers in the US, Mexico, and Brazil. He will join us at RestAura to share his daily meditation and deity practice and share the teachings and wisdom of the Buddha Dharma.


Sam Garrett

“You need to be yourself and true to what you are as a person. As long as your music comes from your heart and soul, and you have a passion for it, that’s the main thing.”

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Sam Garrett is a singer/songwriter who has been creating and singing heartfelt acoustic melodies and songs since his teens. Lyrically soulful and artistically devoted, Sam’s music enlivens and inspires the hearts and souls of people all over the world.


Khenpo Samdup Rinpoche

Khenpo studied the philosophy of the four schools of Tibetan Buddhism under numerous khenpos, from whom he received the vast teachings of the Drikung Kagyu lineage.

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He is currently the Spiritual Director of various Dharma Centers in the US, Mexico, and Brazil. He will join us at RestAura to share his daily meditation and deity practice and share the teachings and wisdom of the Buddha Dharma.


Kike Pinto

Kike was born in Lima and studied at the National Conservatory of Music; however, he studied Peru´s popular music.

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From the indigenous cultures of Peru, he learned songs for the cult of Water (Walina), Cosmovision, and Ceremonial Songs (Ikaros). He has the most extensive instrument collection in Peru. He founded the Taki Institute of Culture and Andean-Amazonian Musical Instrument Museum in Cusco.


Abuelo Julio, Imish Kuj Bearer

Imish has traveled the paths of ancestral wisdom from sacred territories throughout the Americas.

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Incorporating them into eloquence through his teaching and guidance as a healer, spiritual specialist, chiropractor, psychologist, and knower of the mystic arts. He is an herbal alchemist and power plant altar holder.


Abuela Ana Luisa

Grandmother Ana Luisa Solis Gil is a woman who walks her mystical path through ancestral teachings between Mexico and Tibet.

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She is a medicine woman and ceremony leader dancer. She has dedicated her life to the service of all.


Stephen Brooks

An experienced environmentalist who has created several sustainable living communities, including The Punta Mona Center, La Ecovilla, Tacotal, and Alegria.

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Stephen is a self-trained ethnobotanist, specialist in exotic fruit trees, and permaculture educator who has taught over 25 Permaculture Design Courses in Costa Rica and Mexico, emphasizing plant collecting, biodiversity conservation, and creating fair trade products. He has appeared on multiple TV shows and TedXSeries.


Rafael Chaman

Rafael is an adventurous and passionate artist who explores existence in inner and outer realms. He loves nature, is a guardian of the sacred, and is a practitioner of universal wisdom.

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As a well-traveled teacher, he founded The Dao of yoga and created Naga Tulum. His heart-oriented classes are spiritually inspiring and grounded in deep inner and outer alignment knowledge.


Los Cojolites

Los Cojolites is a musical group originally from Cosoleacaque, Mexico, dedicated to recovering artistic and cultural expressions of ancient indigenous peoples.

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With 25 years of experience, they have recorded five albums and collaborated with renowned artists such as Lila Downs, Eugenia León, and Natalia Lafourcade. They have been nominated for the Grammy Awards and Latin Grammys many times and have presented their music on stages in Mexico, the United States, Europe, and Cuba..



Kaleema is Heidi Lewandowski, a multi-instrumentalist, composer, producer, and vocalist from Buenos Aires who become a female reference in Latin American electronica after the release of her two studio albums "Nómada" (Tropical Twista Records, 2017) and "Útera" (Wonderwheel Recordings, 2021).

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Her tours have taken her to some of the most prestigious stages of contemporary electronic music: MUTEK Montreal, Lollapalooza Chile, FUSION Festival, and Primavera Sound, among others.


Emanazul (Renato Y Nanala)

Emanazul is prayer, medicine, and love turned into music. Formed by Renado Dias and Ana Clara Cenamo, this Brazilian medicine music band reminds us through their music that all is possible when our intentions are pure and our hearts open.

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Rooted in years of profound work with shamanism and Dharma, Emanazul joins us at RestAura to share their powerful medicine and message.


We want our community to be part of a Four-day celebration of wisdom, connection, and growth

RestAura is the best reason to come together and work on the inner power that connects us to achieve a better reality.

Please send us a WhatsApp message to share the RestAura special price code for locals. Children also have a special price for RestAura. 

Don't miss this unique transformational experience!



The Restaura Experience is rich, multifaceted, and inspiring from sunrise to sunset

Concerts, Flying Shala, Sound Experiences, Meditations, Offerings to Mother Earth, Workshop, Yoga, Sacred Fire, Cacao Ceremonies, EcstatIKAL dance, Marketplace, Conversations, Masterclasses, Kids Activities, Family Activities and much more!



We’ll be happy to answer all your questions. Please call or write anytime at +52 55 6116 0157 

Where can I purchase tickets?

You can purchase your 3-day pass at IKAL Tulum's official website, Eventbrite, or make a deposit and send your voucher with your name to:

Hotel Ikal Chit SAPI de CV
Bank: Banbajio
Account Number: 0273553870201
CLABE: 030180900020813827
International transfers: BJIOMXMLXXXX

When will RestAura take place?

RestAura will take place March 16 to 19, 2023, at IKAL Tulum Hotel located at Zona Hotelera Tulum, 77780 Tulum, Quintana Roo.

What does my Full Pass to the festival include?

Your Full Pass includes all RestAura activities and concerts: meditation, ceremonies, rituals, art and creation, practice, yoga, workshops, panels, music, market, and community events.The festival is designed as a three-day weekend experience, so we recommend you join the festival for the whole duration.

What is not included in the Full Pass?

One-on-one sessions, meals, lodging, and products for sale at our market are not considered in your Full Pass.

Will there be food and beverages for sale at RestAura?

Yes, Maïa REstaurant has a delicious menu, and there will be smoothies, juices, and other refreshments at Matcha Mama. Please bring your reusable water bottle to create the minimum waste possible.

Is the festival kid-friendly?

Yes! We encourage families and young children to join us! There will be many experiences specifically designed for kids and families.

Will there be a babysitting service?

RestAura does not provide a babysitting service. Please be aware that your children must be supervised at all times to avoid any inconveniences. Consider IKAL as a beachfront property surrounded by jungle and with a pool.

Do I have to bring a hard copy of my ticket to access RestAura?

This is not necessary. We will have your name on our access list. Just provide us with your confirmation email.

Who are the festival teachers and guides?

We have crafted a loving list of over 150 facilitators, artists, and musicians that represent many traditions and disciplines. Aspiring to impeccability, we intend to create bridges between Mayan lands, our community, and ancestral traditions from Tibet, India, Peru, and more. We will honor Mayan traditions and celebrate the arrival of the Tara Stupa to Ikal and Tulum, a temple and project dedicated to Tara, the divine feminine protectress of all beings and the ultimate life-giving force.

Find detailed information about the festival teachers and guides here:

Where can I consult the festival's program?

You can find the program here:

What should I pack for the festival?

Sunscreen, aloe or other sunburn relief gel, mosquito repellent, sun hat or cap, sunglasses, sandals, tennis or any type of comfortable footwear, yoga or sports attire, comfortable clothing, swimsuit, and a reusable water bottle.

Where can I stay if I attend RestAura?

IKAL Tulum has 22 beautiful cabañas and suites surrounded by the jungle. Please visit our website for more information and to check availability.

I need transportation from the airport to IKAL Tulum Hotel. Can you provide this service?

If you need transportation service to and from Merida, Tulum, and Cancun, please contact:

I will be staying a short distance from Tulum. How can I commute to the hotel?

RestAura is a bike-friendly festival. We encourage our visitors to go sustainable. IKAL Tulum is on the grounds of Tulum National Park and about 30 minutes' cycling from town. Parking is limited. If you are coming by car, please consider carpooling.

I would like to take a 1:1 session. Is there an extra cost?

1:1 Sessions have an extra charge and are subject to availability. We will be happy to help you reserve and arrange what you need. Please contact Welid Saraya by WhatsApp at +52 55 6116 0157.

Will there be any special restrictions for entering the festival, such as a mandatory Covid-19 test or facemask?

All our activities are going to happen in open-air spaces. We aim to have the festival as restriction-free as possible, but your safety being our highest priority, RestAura will always follow the international guidelines concerning Covid-19.

If I have questions about RestAura, who can I contact?

For further information, 1:1 Sessions booking, or any requests and doubts about RestAura please contact Welid Saraya. He will be happy to help via WhatsApp at +52 55 6116 0157.

Read our Harmony Principles

Read our Harmony Principles.
We suggest making RestAura and IKAL safe, happy, and amiable.